Visitation Solutions and what we do

Expert Supervised Parenting Access

We are dedicated to helping families during the difficult times of separation, divorce, post-divorce and family estrangement.

Often parents, grandparents, and relatives have been separated from seeing their children and loved ones, and need access in a safe, friendly, monitored environment.

Our Goal

We have children as our foremost concern.  Our Therapeutic Visitation, Supervised Visitation, and Exchange Services are safe and friendly, and designed with the best interests of children and families.  We help parents/relatives, create a fun, stress free supervised times with their children, supporting parents to stay focused on their children’s needs, and respond with empathy and appropriate care.

Our Professional Practices

We at Visitation Solutions, practice neutrality between the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent. Our neutrality helps level the playing field for parents, and conveys a sense of competence to children. We however, do not allow or condone any derogatory or negative comments about either parent in the presence of children, or any other disparagement.

We also have the option to refuse a Parenting Access Referral, because of conflict of interest or having a prior relationship with one of the parties.

In that case, we try to assist in helping families find other visitation resources.

We are members of The Supervised Visitation Network.

Each contact, by telephone, in person, during a visit, is recorded in an observed manner, in the family’s file. Notes are generated for each visit, and may or may not be shared with parents, depending on individual circumstances. We keep our files confidential, however, they are not kept confidential in the same manner as therapy notes, because we are often sharing them with attorneys, family services and courts.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion and ethnic origin, but we do retain the right to refuse a visitation case if there is the potential for violence or abduction.

Visitation Solutions has been in business since 2004, serving the Danbury-Brookfield-New Milford Area, onsite and off-site, as well as Northwestern Connecticut, off-site.  We offer off-site visitation services in Lower Fairfield County, and provide services for families in which one parent/relative lives in Connecticut and the other parent/relative may live in another state.