About Us

We are a private business, receiving all revenues from fees for our services.  We are DCF certified as a Visitation Service and provide services for DCF referrals.

The owner, Laura C. Erhardt, MS, LMFT, provides supervision for all visitation therapists, as well as performs Therapeutic Visitation Services, Re-unification Therapy Services, Parent Coordination , and Interactive Evaluations. The Visitation Therapists are independent contractors working for Visitation Solutions, often graduate students or post graduates,  trained in family therapy, substance abuse, mandated reporting,  parental alienation, and attachment theory.

Our services are unique in that, we are willing to create individualized plans for parenting access based on need and appropriateness.  Our visitation site, has a waiting room which we share with Psychotherapy Associates of Western Connecticut, and a Visitation Room that is 24X24 feet, with toys, games, and books for all age children from infants through age 14.  We are located at 246 Federal Rd. Unit CL-41, Third Floor, Brookfield, Ct.  06804. We also conduct supervision off-site in any number of locations in and around Fairfield County determined by the parent, court order and Visitation Solutions; in the parents home, libraries, parks, museums etc. We go where you go with your child as long as it adheres to the court order.

Laura C. Erhardt, MS, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, holding advanced degrees in Counseling and Natural Health.  She is trained as a Mediator and Arbitrator, and in addition to being the owner and clinical director of Visitation Solutions, LLC, she has been a partner in Psychotherapy Associates for 31 years.