Rules for Successful Communication During Visitation

  1. One person speaks at a time, excepting when playing a game.
  2. No one screams or raises their voice except in an emergency.
  3. Everyone agrees to listen to the person speaking.
  4. Everyone agrees to be responsible for their own tone of voice, and agrees to let the visitation professional cue them, about how they sound.
  5. Everyone has the right “Not To Speak.” 
  6. No name calling, put downs, or threatening statements.
  7. No physical acting out.
  8. Everyone will know how to take “recovery time,” and practice it.
  9. The visitation professional is always in charge, and children as well as adults will listen to her/him.
  10. If there is a need for a private conference, the visitation professional will ask the parent to step aside or outside the visitation room for a moment to talk.

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