We know  this is often a difficult, embarrassing, and fearful time for parents and children.  We support parents, both the custodial parent and the visiting parent, to be there for their children, and understand what their children may be experiencing, being both empathic and firm in our approach.  We are most interested in making the parenting time safe and fun for both the children and parents.

“It would have been months before I would have been able to see my daughter, since court has its own timetable, and it is too slow.  I am so pleased that this service exists, so that I can still stay connected.  It reduces my worry about my daughter, and she and I can still stay connected.”   Jenna, mother of 8 year old Alexa.

“The suggestions and interventions in the visits have made me feel more comfortable to be able to respond to my son’s questions about why I don’t live with him any longer.  The staff at Visitation Solutions, while supervising, is also helpful, and makes me feel hopeful.”   Bill, father of 6 year old son.

“The therapeutic interventions for re-unification have salvaged my connection to both of my children.  I would have never dreamed, that they would even speak to me again, and now I am able to meet outside the office and have a meal with them. We still have a long way to go, but I feel supported by Visitation Solutions in my efforts, as I know they will stay involved as long as I need them.”  Sam, father of two teen daughters.

The process starts with you contacting us at 203-740-0091.  We are not in the office on Thursdays.  You may also e-mail us at  After we discuss your needs for services, we will set up a separate intake for each parent.  This is so that you may meet us, and we may gather some information about your situation, as each family’s needs differ.  There are also some agreements and releases that you will have to read over and sign.  It is best to bring your court stipulations with you.  We require that you also bring your driver’s license for identification, so we may make a copy of it.

After we meet with each parent and possibly the children, and perhaps talk with a Guardian Ad Litem, if there is one appointed, we then determine what the best services would be for you and your situation, and set up a schedule.

If there is a restraining order, then both parents may not have contact with each other, even in our presence.  We make the appropriate arrangements for those circumstances, so that the children feel safe going between the parents with us as their bridge.

There is no typical visit.  Each family is different.  Some families visit for 1 hour, some have all day visits,  including weekends and holidays.  During a visit, we may be taking notes, or we may be interactive with the family.  We can be in the background and we can be another set of hands if need be.  Often, we are making certain that things are going smoothly, that we are keeping the mood and tone of the visit calm and fun.  Everyone can be nervous, especially at first.  We are playful, pleasant and often model play and game playing to help connection.

We cue you, the visiting parent, that the visit is coming to an end, about 5 minutes before the end of the visit time, so that you can prepare your child for the transition. We do encourage children to greet and say good bye, but children are not pressured into hugs, or contact they are not ready for.  We are very often, helping the parent repair a broken attachment bond, and supporting the parent to build a trusting relationship with the children.

After the visit has ended, we ask you, the visiting parent to stay back for a few minutes and leave after we know the pick-up parent and child have left the premises.  This prevents any violation in restraining orders, as well as reduces he said/she said reporting in the parking lot, which we do not supervise.  Notes are often given to the parents on a monthly basis, or they are sent to the GAL, and that attorney distributes them.

We discourage phone calls in between visits, to maintain a neutral position with each parent, but of course are available to make schedule changes and if there is a real concern with something that happened on a visit, we want to know about it.  There is no way to determine how long a family will use our services.  On average, it could be from 6-12 months, but some families have needs that require less services and some families require longer time frames.

“While I am not fond about having to pay a supervisor to see my child, I appreciate the services of Visitation Solutions, as I am just getting to know my toddler, having spent some time away from him. This is a safe and structured place that he likes to go to, and it allows me time for both of us to get to know each other again.”  Brandon,  father of toddler, who I haven’t seen in 2 years.

Visitation Solutions offers many different options for Supervised Visitation, including, on-site in our facility in Brookfield, and Norwalk, and offsite, in parks, libraries, museums, restaurants, and even in parents home. We want to make the children feel as comfortable as they can for their time with their parents.