“When I first came to visit with my 1 year old, I felt hopeless that she would never really know me as her Dad.  Now she calls me Daddy, and lets me swing her around, and comes to me when she needs something.”
Jack S., Father of 2 year old.

“I thought the whole court system was stacked against me, and that I would never regain any kind of relationship with my son and daughter.  At Visitation Solutions, they helped with my parenting skills, and helped me rebuild with both of my children, a connected parent-child relationship. They gave me guidance and hope when I felt like giving up. I was able to take my children on vacation last year and it was a huge success.”
Mark Y.,  Father of two, 6 and 11 years old.

“Coming out of an abusive marriage, I was often frightened by my child’s father’s behavior, and I let my connection with my son go for some time, as I tried to heal myself.
I wanted no ties with my ex-husband, and therefore I sacrificed my bond with my son.
When I wanted to resume a connection, the father wanted to block any kind of relationship.  Visitation Solutions provided a safe place for my son and me to reconnect and to talk about some of the difficult things he witnessed in our abusive family.  Because of the exchanges that Visitation Solutions was willing to set up, I never have to have contact with my son’s father, and that makes staying connected possible.”
Sandy W.,  Mother of  10 year old.