Supervised Visitation
This is observational and relational visitation with a visitation supervisor, who is with the children at all times, supporting the parental relationship, by modeling appropriate parental behavior, reframing issues that could cause the child to feel in the middle between parents, observing the interaction and intervening if necessary.  Each families needs are different, so that in some families the Supervised Visitation Therapist is more in the back round, but always supportive of the attachment between child and parent. This type of visitation is most appropriate when there is an ongoing parent-child relationship.

Therapeutic Visitation
This level of supervision is performed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional, and acts as a hybird between mediation, family therapy, play therapy, and supervision.  This level of service is often needed when there is estrangement and broken attachment between the visiting parent and the children.  This service is most appropriate when there has been a separation longer than 3 months, and if the parent has mental health, substance abuse and violence issues.

We offer times for parents to use our facility for drop off and pick up for unsupervised visitation.  We tailor plans for exchanges off site, and note the behaviors of the parents at the pick up and drop off, and observe any distress in the children.

This is also performed by a licensed mental health provider, and is similar to Therapeutic Visitation, but requires more direct intervention to get children and parents to develop a new relationship, discuss gaps in their relationship, formulate plans to be more consistent, deal with anger issues of the child, and mediate between parent and child.

Interactive Evaluations
This is performed by the Clinical Director, and offers parents a structured, short term plan to meet with both parents, evaluate the behavior of the children with one or both parents, and provide a report to the GAL or Family Services. This assesses suitability of unsupervised visitation, and has nothing to do with custody.

Co-Parenting Mediation
This is agreed upon mediation between both parents to structure a plan for parenting access, and to help both parents see the needs of their children. Often this service is offered after Therapeutic Visitation has been on going and is concluding. The parents still need assistance in scheduling, parental interaction, language they use around the child, and creating workable plans in both homes.

This service is offered as both parent coaching and as visitation coaching. Parent Coaching, offers parents a knowledgeable person, often a parent themselves, to encourage, coach and offer suggestions in handling childhood matters. Visitation Coaching offers to parents, ways to handle parenting access, how to handle things that children say, normalizes the two families, and creates solutions that both parents can agree to.

NOTE: All Prospective Parents must have an intake prior to beginning Visitation.

Rules for Successful Communication During Visitation